Steam Shower

Benefits of Using a Steam Shower for Steam Therapy

* Can be an effective treatment for respiratory and sinus conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergies
* Helps the body clean itself of toxins and waste
* Destroys pathogens in the body
* Expands blood vessels and increases circulation revitalizing your body
* Stimulates the immune system
* Increases flexibility
* Enhances skin tone

Using a Steam Shower will improve the following...

* Common cold
* Sinusitis
* Bronchitis
* Asthma
* Allergies
* Viral diseases
* Headaches

Steam therapy such as the use of a steam shower has several benefits to the body. It raises body temperature, simulating a fever - your body's most powerful defense. Hyperthermia is a great way to give your immune system a boost, along with killing off pathogens in your body. Steam showers also increase blood circulation, but not blood pressure because it expands blood vessels thus giving your skin a more radiant look and stimulating cellular growth. Steam therapy relaxes muscles and stiff joints. A steam bath is a great way to relax after a long day.

Ariel Steam Showers

* 10 Body Jets
* Whirlpool Massage
* Rainfall Shower
* Overhead Lamp
* Steam Generator

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Ariel SS-A806 Steam Shower Unit

AmeriSteam Steam Showers

* 24 Body Jets
* CD/Radio Inputs
* Rainfall Shower
* Overhead Lamp
* Steam Generator

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Ameristeam Steam Showers

Royal Steam Showers

* Teak Floor
* CD/Radio Inputs
* Rainfall Shower
* Foot Massage
* Steam Generator

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Royal Steam Room & Shower

What can a steam shower do for me?

* The use of a steam shower after a work-out reduces the production of lactic acid stopping sore muscles before they begin and increasing flexibility.
* Steam therapy eliminates congestion and inflammation in the lungs bringing relief to allergies and asthma.
* The deep cleansing power of steam cleans pores leaving you with younger looking, more radiant skin.
* A steam shower can be the most relaxing part of your day. With many units containing whirlpool tubs and back massage function its like having your own personal spa at home!

Steam Shower Precautions

Steam rooms shouldn't be used by everyone they be used by anyone with a cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. They are also not recommended for small children pregnant women or the elderly. If you think you are at risk you should consult with your physician.

Tips to stay healthy when using a steam shower

* Do not use steam shower immediately after intense exercise let the body reach a normal temperature before using your steam bath.
* Drink plenty of water before and after your steam bath to avoid dehydration due to fluids lost.
* Avoid using steam rooms if open wounds are present.
* Avoid using your steam shower in excess of 20 minutes use the timer function to remind you.